Neo4j Desktop Developers

Building apps, based on graphs.

Building Graph Apps to run on Neo4j Desktop

Neo4j Desktop is a part of the Neo4j Graph Platform, designed to make it easy to develop and deliver Graph Apps. Desktop takes care of managing local and remote Neo4j Graph Databases. You can focus on making awesome applications.

This is the basic idea of Neo4j Desktop…

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Getting Started

Interested in building a Graph App that can be deployed to Neo4j Desktop? Fantastic. :)

We’ve provided some code repositories which explain the details and provide example applications.


Why build a Graph App instead of a standalone application or webapp?

Do all the things! :wink:

A Graph App is just a single-page application which takes advantage of some services provided by Neo4j Desktop — primarily the management of Neo4j Databases. That makes it super convenient to try out ideas.

You could take an existing app and wrap it into a Graph App, or take a Graph App and promote it to a standalone application.

Hey, why are these repositories private?

This FAQ, these repositories, and the whole Neo4j-Desktop-as-an-application-platform is fresh, raw and evolving quickly. While the project is more volatile we want to disrupt fewer people. So, we’d like to work closely with a small group of people until everything settles down.

Any other questions?

Please ask ABK.